UNIBE takes preventive measures against Coronavirus

The University of Iberoamerica established the implementation of virtual teaching in its classes as a result of the epidemiological evolution of the COVID-19 disease in the country.

In the case of practical courses, which by their nature cannot be carried out virtually, the situation should be analyzed with the corresponding Faculty.

Rotations and clinical fields remain suspended until further notice.

These measures have the intention to reduce the amount of people on campus.

The following actions will take place from the date of this release until Friday, March 20th:

  • There will be no classroom classes during the indicated period.
  • Teachers will carry out the classes using virtual means or other non-contact modalities to continue with the development of the semester.
  • Face-to-face evaluations will be carried after March 20th.
  • By indications of CONESUP, no adjustments should be made that subtract the number of teaching hours, content or evaluative modifications in each of the courses.
  • Teaching staff must ensure compliance with the course programs according to their areas.
  • In case of doubts about how to proceed, communicate your concerns for better guidance with your area coordinator or immediate superior.
  • Hands-on classroom activities are suspended until the next release.
  • Students must coordinate the above measures with their teachers and provide the means of contact to guarantee the virtuality of the courses.

These measures aim to follow the guidelines that regulate the university and health authorities, in faithful adherence to the maximum principle that governs respect for the integrity of our university community. In accordance to the information that the Ministry of Public Health is providing, the next guidelines to be established will be communicated.

In case of any doubt, the student should contact the respective faculties.

We appreciate in advance the commitment of everyone to apply the preventive measures that both the health authorities and the university are applying to ensure the wealth of the students' community.


The best way to prevent the disease is to avoid exposure to this virus. However, as a reminder, UNIBE recommends daily preventive measures to help prevent the spread of respiratory diseases.

Remember that the duration of hand washing should be 30 seconds or longer. Same length that it takes to sing twice Happy birthday.

Clean surfaces that may become contaminated with respiratory secretions frequently.

Use disposable TISSUES when sneezing or coughing.

If you don't have disposable TISSUES, use your forearm TO COVER UP when you cough and sneeze.

UNIBE has taken steps to address Coronavirus