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The Faculty of Pharmacy extends a warm, cordial and affectionate welcome to students entering this academic year to pursue the career they chose.

This curriculum, brings students closer to new knowledge and new technologies applied in the pharmaceutical professional practice; which requires professionals prepared to adapt to the changes produced by the constant generation of knowledge.

The university is attended at the stage of life in which the personality is consolidated and in which a position in the world and in reality is assumed under the double motivation of amazement and curiosity.

These words are a call to study, to intellectual and academic work, with the double purpose of increasing their knowledge and developing intellectually. This adventure is not instantaneous, it develops gradually, class by class; course to course; instructed by their teachers.

Thank you very much and I invite you to work together.

Dra. Lissette Rodríguez Yebra.
Dean Faculty of Pharmacy.


Mission 2018

Provide comprehensive training, which performs the synthesis between excellence in the professional field of the pharmacist and social commitment from a humanistic - integral worldview. The mission of the Faculty promotes the constant search for truth through research, conservation and communication of human knowledge for the good of society.

Vision 2018

To be the leading Pharmacy Faculty in Costa Rica, training Pharmaceutical professionals with knowledge, skills, abilities and ethical values, capable of: helping in solving society's problems, developing basic and applied research, and providing services to the country, in accordance with the mission of the University.


Our Medicine program sequentially integrates basic and clinical sciences. It is distinguished by an intense content of exact sciences followed by sciences dedicated to the structure and function of the human body, namely Anatomy, Neuroanatomy, Embryology, Histology and Physiology. With these bases, the student enters the clinical sciences in which, through internships in high-level hospitals, he develops skills in obtaining a medical history and physical examination in basic specialties (Surgery, Gynecology / Obstetrics, Medicine, Pediatrics and Psychiatry).

Throughout the plan, there are also several courses to sensitize the student in the field of public health and primary care, always promoting community outreach. Finally, and research being an institutional guideline, the plan has courses to prepare the student in the methodology of biomedical, bioethical research and is even necessary to graduate a final research work.

Description of the Career
Profile of the Career


As a graduate of the UNIBE Bachelor of Medicine you will have acquired:

  • Knowledge to: Diagnose, predict and treat the individual, family and community.
  • The skills to: Provide clinical and surgical help effectively and accurately to sick people or groups.
  • The skills to: Prevent health problems, through mastery of epidemiological techniques and continuous professional updating, in the individual, family and community spheres.
  • Attitudes to: Managing the doctor-patient relationship in the most humane way.
  • Values for: Act according to the ethical principles that govern the professional performance of the doctor, constantly monitoring their behavior, correctly handling the process of comprehensive rehabilitation and knowing the administrative policy of the Health Sector.



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