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UNIBE is proud to have a large group of students that represent the values ​​of our institution in the best way, being professionals dedicated to excellence and with great human treatment. That is why we want to develop professionals from all over the world, giving foreign students the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of developing professionally in the area of Health Sciences.

Therefore, we have available to the international community the Department of International Admissions, where our advisors are available to anyone who wants to study at our University, always providing the necessary help and guiding him through the admission process.

Studying in another country can be the best professional decision, as well as a very rewarding experience. That is why we invite you to contact us and know all the benefits of studying at UNIBE.

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To begin with the admissions process, the student must present the following documents:

Admission Requirements

  • Apostille High School Title
  • Apostille High School Transcripts
  • Complete the admissions form
  • Passport
  • Health Certificate Form
  • Housing Form
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Vaccine history
  • Apostille criminal record (less than 3 months of issue)
  • Apostille birth certificate

The University of Ibero-America has qualified in the definition of an eligible institution under the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, (HEA) and Federal student financial assistance programs (Title IV, HEA programs). With this standard UNIBE is able to provide the opportunity for students to have federal and private student assistance.

NOTE: The Medical Program and the Nursing Program are excluded from Federal Aid, however, Psychology and Pharmacy programs are within the scope of your Title IV eligibility.

Download File (versión en Español)
Federal and Private Student Aid (English version)

US Government requires institutions offering US Direct Loans to Disclose the following consumer information applicable to all schools participating in the Title IV, hea student financial aid programas and receiving any federal funds.

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TUITION FEES $5,500 – $8,500
HOUSING $2.260,00
LUNCHS $1000,00
BOOKS & SUPPLIES $200 – $900
Insurance $300

Default Prevention and Management: A Plan for Student and School Success Download PDF

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