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In the 90s, a group of professionals, faced with the need to improve and offer greater alternatives in higher education offered by the country, had the concern of founding an institution that allowed the adequate and effective development of students interested in the area of ​​health, and that will also empower the incorporation of private education in Costa Rica at that level. At that time there were no abundance in the educational market in the area of ​​private health education. Thus, in order to raise the level of Costa Rican higher education and offer a greater alternative to the population, studies were concentrated in this area.

The promoter of the project, Emma Grace Hernández Flores, was just returning from Spain with a doctorate in tax law. From this experience the purpose of developing said educational project arose in part, with a more comprehensive vision. With the ideas and knowledge that Dr. Hernández brought from Europe, the project began to take shape. Dr. Hernández had the support of Dr. Israel Hernández.

Since its inception, the university had as its main goal the training of full-fledged professionals, with knowledge in English language technologies and mastery, with a humanistic orientation, and who were at the level of any comparison with more developed countries. A teaching methodology was implemented to guide and stimulate teaching-learning holistically, to achieve the proposed purposes.

After great efforts and a thorough legal formation of the institution, on March 27, 1995, the University of Ibero-America, UNIBE, was duly authorized by the Educational Entities of Costa Rica to provide education at a higher level.

The University of Ibero-America began its academic offer with two Faculties: Medicine and Nursing, which were the first to be subject to authorization. Since then, a large number of students have graduated in both careers, which continue to be offered to the academic market among the most recognized of the University.

Subsequently, the Pharmacy career was opened, which was the first in the offers of private universities and finally the opening of the Psychology career.

Universidad de Iberoamérica History

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