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  • Medicine: 5 years and four months
  • Pharmacy: 4 years
  • Nursing: 3 years and eight months
  • Psichology: 3 years and four months

Yes. We have different types of scholarships, discounts and various financing options for our students to successfully complete their university studies in health sciences.

Among the scholarship options to opt for are:

  • Sports scholarship
  • Socioeconomic assistance

Discounts are also offered:

  • For soon payment
  • By brotherhood
  • For continuity

In addition, we accept the financing option through the National Education Loan Commission (CONAPE) and the bill of exchange.

For more information, please consult our Student Life Department and / or the Financing Department.

Yes. At UNIBE we are not only officially recognized by the National Council of Higher Education (CONESUP), an entity attached to the Ministry of Public Education, but also all of our four careers are 100% accredited by the National System of Education Accreditation Superior (SINAES). This is the entity that evaluates the quality of academic programs of higher education par excellence in Costa Rica.
UNIBE has an Information and Documentation Center (CID) where our students have access to the latest and most advanced textbooks, magazines and medical articles, (EBSCO HOST), both in physical and digital format, which allows keeping low cost the use of study materials.

The UNIBE laboratories also have all the necessary equipment so that students can take their laboratory courses. Laboratory use does not incur additional expenses to the cost of the material.

Students should buy only personal items, such as laboratory glasses, gabachas, dissection kit, copies of printed material, among others, which can be purchased at fairly reasonable prices.
Although our courses are challenging, those students who are completely dedicated to their studies can definitely take all the subjects of the block and graduate with honors.
The UNIBE environment can be described as a safe and warm environment. All your academic, faculty and administrative staff are trained to provide excellent customer service, ensuring that all the time the student spends with us is incomparable.

Our campus is spacious and modern. The Faculties building, built in 2016, was built with the latest advances in sustainable architecture, which guarantees users a modern, comfortable space, with natural lighting, and according to the requirements of future professionals.

The facilities also have recreational and recreational spaces, two sodas to buy food, but there are also dining rooms with microwaves for those who choose to bring from the house, all with the purpose of facilitating the needs of the students.

There is a photocopying service and access to health and pharmacy services offered by the UNIBE Hospital-Clinic in favorable conditions for our students and staff.

There are quite a few aspects that differentiate us. Some of them are:

  • UNIBE is the only university in Costa Rica that has its own hospital, which offers its students the opportunity to learn by observing surgeries and procedures from real situations.
  • Only UNIBE offers its students the opportunity to do internships, as well as the family medicine block, in any of the 36 primary care clinics (EBAIS) administered by our university, in the eastern part of San José.
  • UNIBE offers access to NAORI-SECTRA, a global network of super artificial intelligence computers that provides students with access to treatments and surgeries performed on patients around the world.
  • UNIBE students carry out their study practices at the International Center for Clinical Simulation and Training (CISEC), the only one of its kind in Costa Rica to develop the simulation of a hospital.
  • UNIBE participates in foreign exchange programs, such as the “100,000 Strong in the Americas,” offering opportunities to gain knowledge in universities in the United States and other countries.
  • UNIBE has an Information and Documentation Center (CID) where students are offered unlimited access to books and scientific documents 7 days a week.

UNIBE has the Department of Student Life, which manages a database with varied options of residences near the university.

Students can approach this department to receive assistance in finding accommodation.

UNIBE has a very high quality teaching staff, specialized in their respective areas of knowledge, prepared to teach and with extensive experience in first level hospitals, both of the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, as well as private entities.

Our entire faculty is committed to helping each student reach their full potential in their studies and in their lives. We are very proud of the fact that our teachers instill in the students a sense of service towards the community and that they provide world class health care for all.

UNIBE gives preference to its graduates when it performs recruitment processes to fill vacancies in the university. Additionally, UNIBE students have the possibility to apply for positions in one of the 36 EBAIS clinics that UNIBE administered, as well as to the UNIBE University-Clinical Hospital.

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